People interact with information all day, every day. From phone apps to restaurant menus to street signs – a designer made decisions for clarity, simplicity, and style.

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Information Design contains elements of multiple design fields: graphic, instructional, and human factors. Read my article HERE. Applications are broad and far-reaching, for example:

  • technical writing and user manuals
  • academic writing and editing
  • explanatory graphics
  • software and web UX/ui design
  • document design

Snippet from my Master’s Dissertation: discussing Chinese typography, and how merely making adding weight to an entire character to make it “bold” can affect the character’s legibility. 

chinese characters with variations in bold

Section of home security system showing :45 seconds left and counting before armed on the Away setting. An additional 30 seconds can be added if needed.

user screen showing ARMING in :42 seconds and counting


screen design for home secxruity interface


User-Centered focus on design – including the process and flow, user interface, and WCAG compliance for online accessibility.

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Working toward online accessibility compliance. It is becoming clear that online accessibility is more important than ever. I work to current WCAG standards Level AA.
Article “Online Accessibility: When is it okay to branch an experience?”

UX/ui. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is part of the larger user experience, which is why I type the “ui” in lowercase letters. Icons need to be designed just as much as any other information: with the User in mind. set of blue and orange icons


Family Tree graphic design


Graphic design presents shapes, words, colors, and composition in artistic, explanatory, or abstract images. Graphic design can convey information

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Multiple years creating humorous designs for popular social media marketing based on that year’s Utah State Fair theme. Dairy Poppins, flying cowLes Mooooozerables, with cow instead of EpioninePlantasia, with a sunflower instead of Mickey MousePinkerbell, a pig as tinkerbell  Bippidy Boppidy Moo! with a cow for fairy godmotherPigardium Leviosa, Hermione magically floating a pig Corndalf the Yellow, with a cob of Corn instead of Gandalf  Barrel Racing - Bert waiting in the stands all day, but the barrels never moved Cow Pie Contest at the Fair, with cows at a table and their pies on a gingham table cloth suns - n - roses, with sunflowers instead of gunsZZ Hop, with rabbits intstead of ZZ top night of the living banana bread, a loaf of bread with big teeth attacking a woman Despicable Moo, a holstein cow standing with thousands of piggie minions   Piggy in Pink with characters as pigs, except Duckie is a Duck The Karate Kid, with Goat kids as characters Neigh Anything, with a horse standing near a car holding a radio over his head

Custom designs with details and scenes related to the family in the tree. Family tree South African scene Family tree with blue sky and green grass, hummingbird feeder Family tree desert scene family tree with a swing Family tree view through a door

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