Copper Shamrock, explained

Here’s me. Sorry if you’re here for the boring stuff, but I’d like to list my real accomplishments – all the jobs I had as a chorister at the Utah Opera:
Drunk German baroness, Scottish witch, charming Japanese schoolgirl, Chinese peasant, German peasant, Russian peasant, Italian peasant, Italian nun, Italian townsfolk, Italian innkeeper, French commoner, Egyptian slave, Czech commoner, Spanish factory worker, gossipy American, Gondolier, Turkish keystone cop, Captain’s daughter, naughty lady, voice in someone’s head.

And a Gatekeeper of Hades.

Christine McDonough

Trying on different hats. And wigs. Literally.


I like using my brain to do stuff and create things. Things I don’’t get paid to do are painting, pottery, playing my bodhran (Irish drum), crochet, and archery. 

Arrow grouping on target


I am collecting Master’s degrees. Why? In part to pay for my other hobbies, in part because I want to learn a lot. Some people call me a Renaissance woman, others use the term Multipotentialite. I don’t really call it anything, I just like learning.

University of Cambridge logo

Current: Master of Studies in Writing for Performance

University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK
Institute for Continuing Education

University of Reading Logo

Master of Arts in Information Design

University of Reading, Reading UK
Department of Typography

Michigan State University logo

Master of Labor Relations & Human Resources

Michigan State University, Michigan
School of Human Resources and Labor Relations

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