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Technical Manuals/QuickStart guides/ZenDesk

Clear and concise user guides for anything from online software to physical instruments. Working knowledge of ISO13485 Standards.

Creating short, clear instructions that provide a reliable and smooth first experience for new users.

Full technical manuals.

Layout design and styling that incorporates branding as needed, for an easy-to-navigate guide to your software or device.


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Writing for Performance

University of Cambridge logo

Completed Master’s in Writing for Performance at University of Cambridge, UK.


“The Stone, the Tree and the Bird” | opera libretto
Premiere May 2019. Commissioned by Utah Opera.

Poetry & Prose

Published author and Writing prose in short form and – like every writer – working on a trilogy in my head.

“Center of the Siege” | narrative poem. Published in League of Utah Writers Anthology for annual award winners.

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